Help us to create more 360

It takes time, effort and money to create Virtual Tours and 360 imagery of public spaces. If you like what we do and you would like to contribute to our project please feel free to donate or even sponsor a tour.

Sponsor a Tour... Your name in 360!

You may have a special place you would like to see as a 360 Virtual Tour or buy a special 360 as a gift to someone. Or maybe your business would like to Sponsor a 360. Sponsorship 360s start at £100 for this we will photograph, create and host a special 360 for you and include your sponsorship names / business logo within the 360 sphere or the names it's dedicated to. Higher Paid Sponsorship means more bespoke services, email us for more info.

Ideal for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Remembrance, Business Promotions and showcases etc

A £100 Donation will buy one bespoke 360 within a 15mile Radius of Swindon

The Sponsor a 360 service is not available for inside of Businesses, if you require your Business to become part of Virtual Swindon, then you need or Google Tour Service

Every donation goes a long way

Every donation received helps to build the largest Virtual Archive for Wiltshire, be part of the greatest Wiltshire 360 Project to date!

  All payments secured by PayPal