What is a Google Tour?

A Google Tour is an extension of Streetview. It allows online viewers to virtually visit your business, shop, hotel, restaurant etc, so you can show off all your business has to offer and of course this is shown via Google Search Results, Google Maps and Google + Local.

You can also embed the tour into your own website to make it part of your website. This gives online viewers enhanced interactivity and they are more likely to actually visit the place they have seen via the tour, turning online viewers into real customers.

Only a Google Street View Trusted Photographer can do this for a business, by photographing, uploading and creating the tours within Google and local graphic designer and photographer Matt Kaye is the go to guy for Swindon and Wiltshire although we do go further afield if asked.

Here's an example, to show you how it works embedded in this website...Now imagine it on your own website !!

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Wyndham Rd, Swindon SN2 1EJ
T : 01793 496888

So what do you actually get?

For a simple one off payment, we make sure your Google Places Pin and Google Local Page is correct and set this up for you if you don't have one.

We photograph your premises, upload the images to Google, create the walkthrough tours and then once online you can then share it with the world, embed them on your website, the tours appear on your Google Local Page and they will also be included into the Virtual Swindon site and appear on our Amazing Interactive Mapping System (AI Map for short!)

How are the tours found on Google?

One your tour is live on Google they show up in a number of ways. You can see below that by just starting to type CARPET into Google it has already brought up the Carpets4Less details with the SEE PHOTOS and SEE INSIDE box which takes you directly to the virtual tour.
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Your Google + Page

The tours actually live on your Google+ Local page as you can see below, we can show you how to optimise your page for great Google Search Results. Because we know how things work at Google it's a much more efficient and beneficial than paying for expensive SEO packages that bring limited results, just contact us to know more!
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It really is that simple!

For a more detailed look at the process, take a look at Virtual Swindons Digital Brochure and by the way we can create these Digital Brochures and hold them in our Library for you to bolt onto your website!